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Step 1: Find 2 or more songs of similar BPM
Step 2: Find 2 or more loops that sound good
Step 3: Place these loops in the composer
Step 4: Publish your song

Finalists announced 12/2/2018.
Timbaland chooses winner of $1k prize.
Questions? TheBlockTune@gmail.com


Search for Samples

Search for public domain samples by BPM. Bottom tabs switch between music and sound FX. Select samples that have similar or fractional BPMs. Match global BPM to your samples in header.


Create New Loops

Create loops by tapping the color spectrum. Save loops by click on bottom menu pads. Find pads with scrolling arrows.


Play Launch Pad

Find loops that sound good together. Play loops by clicking or tapping pads. Close Launch Pad using arrow on top left.


Compose an Instrumental

Use loops to compose an instrumental. Tap an empty block and then tap a pad to place audio. Tap a placed block and a trashcan will apear in menu. Adjust row volume by tapping on the row number.


Publish and Share

Publish a complete mushup to enter $1k contest. Share your new track with link to streaming player. Unlimited free entries. Publish songs to Spotify for $9/m.